South Fork Bed and Golf
Located in the scenic bluff country near Lanesboro, MN
Your private golf course for a day

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  • This 1924 farm house
    The farm house at South Fork Bed and Golf was constructed in 1924 and has never been remodeled. Wiring and plumbing have been added since it was purchased by the current owner in 1974. Any change that would effect the original character of this 84 year old farm house has been avoided.
    The house has four rooms up, four down, a full basement and large walkup attic. There are walkout porches on first and second floor with a dormer over the second story porch. The hardwood floors, wordwork even the storm windows and screens are original. We think you will enjoy the feeling of what a farm house was like in the 1920's.
  • Three Bed and Breakfast rooms
    The three bed and breakfast rooms are upstairs and share a large bathroom on the same hallway. The hallway ends at the door to the second floor front porch. The blue (smallest), green (largest) and yellow (medium) rooms all have queen sized beds. A twin sized bed may be added to a room if separate beds are needed. All rooms have a nice view of the grounds and surrounding area. The bath includes a five foot cast iron claw foot tub with shower and plenty of hot water.
  • Accessibility
    At this time none of the rooms are accessible to people who have difficulty going up stairs. Future expansion will include some ground floor accommodations that will be accessible to all.
  • Breakfast
    A continental breakfast is offered every morning til 10am. Breakfast includes coffee, milk, juice, cereal and breakfast rolls or coffee cake.
  • RV Park
    The RV park will be open sometime during the 2009 season. Please call ahead to be sure it is open. The RV park is a loop with six cross roads. Drive in and turn right at your campsite. Then drive forward and turn right to exit. Water, electric and sewer hookups are provided. There is a bath house with separate mens and ladies sinks, showers, and toilets. The bath house is easily accessible to all. Each of the six camp sites is about 50 X 100 ft and surrounded by many acres of trees. There is a 200 yard path through the woods to the main golf course and two more golf holes are on the north side of the RV park.