South Fork Bed and Golf
Located in the scenic bluff country near Lanesboro, MN
Your private golf course for a day

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  • A practice course to improve your iron game
    The golf course at South Fork Bed and Golf is a practice course. There are no tee times. There is never a requirement to hurry up or move on to the next hole. Select any place on the course that provides a shot you need to practice, drop a dozen golf balls on the fairway and hit them to the green at your own pace. There are nine interesting golf holes. Each hole is designed to test your mid to short iron shots. There are never more than twelve people with access to the course. The only course rule is be polite to other golfers.
  • A natural golf course
    Ten thousand years ago the last glaciation melted north from this place and left a rocky hilltop covered with wind blown dunes of fine ground limestone. Little additional earthwork was required to build an interesting golf course. From most of the course there is a beautiful view three hundred feet down to the valley of the South Fork of the Root River.
  • A natural course with artificial greens
    Maintaining high quality grass golf greens is very expensive. South Fork Bed and Golf uses sand filled plastic carpet golf greens. The smallest green is 12 X 30 ft. The largest ones are 24 X 46 and round, 36 ft in diameter. Try them, you will like them. You may want to have your own at home and we may be able to help with that.
  • Deep woods links golf
    The seven completed golf holes here are in an open eight acre field. The field is surrounded by many acres of large trees, but there are no trees on the course. There are also no sand traps on the course. The greens are located in large landing (chipping) areas. Narrow (24 to 50 ft) fairways are from 75 to 175 yards long. The rest of the course is two foot tall natural prairie where you will not find the ball. Please do not walk in the prairie, each room receives a dozen golf balls when you arrive.
  • No tees
    There are no tees, the fairways just start. Just drop the ball at a distance you want to practice. No need to bring a driver. Many will play the course with 7, 8, 9, wedge and putter, some may bring the 5 and 6 iron also.
  • Practice green
    The eighth hole and the practice green will be located north of the RV park about 400 yards from the rest of the course. The eighth hole has a wide fairway about 75 yards long. A good place for beginners. The practice green is surrounded by an acre of chipping area. These two holes will be completed during the 2008 season.