South Fork Bed and Golf
Located in the scenic bluff country near Lanesboro, MN
Your private golf course for a day

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THANK YOU ! To all the interesting and pleasant guests that stayed at South Fork Bed and Golf in the summer of 2008. We enjoyed your company and look forward to seeing all of you again in 2009.

Completing the RV park will be the first priority in 2009. It is almost complete and may be ready on opening day (Friday May 15) or soon thereafter. Please call for an RV reservation. The online reservation system will include RV reservations after the RV park is open.

Enjoyed talking to many of you at the Rochester Sports and Travel Show and the LaCrosse Sports and Travel Show. Over 600 pieces of South Fork Bed and Golf literature were handed out (by me) at those two shows. So many of you liked the idea of renting all of South Fork Bed and Golf that we will continue that after the RV park is open. A group may rent all six RV spaces for 300 dollars a day or all three B and B rooms for 300 dollars a day. Then the 20 acres and golf course is yours to use for the day. If you rent all of the RV park there will be no B and B guests or if you rent all the B and B rooms there will be no RV guests that day. If you want some other combination of B and B rooms and RV spaces please call (507 875 2400) and we will work it out.

WEEKDAY SPECIAL ! On all Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from opening day (May 15) until June 30 all reservations will be half price ! That is 25 dollars for an RV space and 50 dollars for a B and B room. Come on over and have a look at South Fork Bed and Golf.

LAST MINUTE SPECIAL ! If we have week end rooms not booked by Thursday morning or later then those rooms are half price also, please call to check availability.

All specials run only while they are posted on this page and may be changed in the future. If you make a reservation at the special price then that reservation price will not change.