South Fork Bed and Golf
Located in the scenic bluff country near Lanesboro, MN
Your private golf course for a day

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About the owner of South Fork Bed and Golf

The owner, designer, maintenance man, grounds keeper, web master, and dish washer at South Fork Bed and Golf is Peter Van Wazer. He has lived in this house since moving from Minneapolis in 1974.

He enjoys old BMW motorcycles. 1970 R60/5. 1964 R60. No he would not park them on anyone elses golf green. His (also old) BMW 325 makes the daily 60 mile drive to IBM in Rochester easier to manage. At IBM he is a computer programmer, writing SNMP management applications for network stations the last four years.

He enjoys the plants and animals that live in this area. He enjoys sitting on the porch, talking golf and many other subjects with guests and visitors.