South Fork Bed and Golf
Located in the scenic bluff country near Lanesboro, MN
Your private golf course for a day

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Prices at South Fork Bed and Golf

There is only one room price at South Fork Bed and Golf. Rooms are 100 dollars a day plus tax. One or two people may stay in a room. There are no extras. Unlimited access to the golf course is included for each person staying at South Fork Bed and Golf. Breakfast is included. One dozen golf balls are given to each room. The total number of guests that will be allowed access to the course will be limited to 6 until the RV park is open.

Check in time for guests is 4:30 in the afternoon. Guests have access to the course for 24 hours, from 4:30pm til 4:30pm next day. Guests must have their things packed and removed from the room by 2:00pm. Rooms are cleaned from 2:00pm til 4:30pm. Guests that have reservations for a second day do not have to remove belongings. As in any public accomodation, do not leave valuables in the rooms.

The six place RV park should be open mid summer 2009. Please call to be sure. Then South Fork Bed and Golf will have a maximum of 12 guests a day. The RV park includes electric, sewer and water hookups, drive through parking and large sites. There is a bath house with showers, toilets, and sinks for men and ladies. RV parking is 50 dollars a day for two guests in one RV. Additional guests in an RV are 25 dollars each. Because the total number of guests is limited at South Fork Bed and Golf a maximum of four guests may be in one RV.