South Fork Bed and Golf
Located in the scenic bluff country near Lanesboro, MN
Your private golf course for a day

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Large RV directions

WARNING ! South Fork Bed and Golf is located on a gravel township road. If you are not comfortable driving your RV on narrow gravel roads then select one of the other fine camp grounds in the area ! If you are an experienced RV driver and drive slowly and do not cut corners then the roads are ok.

Large RV's may have difficulty on 216th St because it is a steep winding gravel township road. The best route for large RV's is to come in from the north. When going south from Rushford on MN43 turn right (west) on Fillmore County 10 in Bratsburg and go about 4 miles. Turn left (south) on 411th Ave for one mile. Turn left (east) on 230th St for one mile. Turn right (south) on 421st Ave for one and a half miles to the end of 421st Ave where South Fork Bed and Golf is located.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When going south on 421st Ave be very careful to NOT curve left (and down hill) on 216th St because you will not be able to backup safely and it is a ten mile drive to go 'around the block' !

Note: The RV park will not be open until at least August 1, 2008 so please call ahead for camp ground info, thank you.